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The effects of lightning and the damage caused by lightning-generated transients are well known. The failure of sensitive electronic equipment in a residential or facilities located in a high-lightning area can easily be attributed directly to lightning-generated transients. Transient protection can be installed on the service entrance equipment (Main Breaker Box) to protect this equipment from these externally generated transients.

Dayton Electric Co., LLC offers Generac Generators whether you need sales or installation. Most manufacturers’ warranties require periodic maintenance by qualified/approved personnel and we offer maintenance membership for the spring and fall season.

Examples of sensitive electronic equipment that can malfunction or be damaged are:

  •  Air conditioning condenser
  •  Air handlers and furnaces  
  •  Flat screen televisions
  •  Stereos
  •  Cooking equipment
  •  Stoves and
  •  Ovens
  •  Clothes washers and dryers
  •  Microwave ovens
  •  Computers

Most modern household appliances and office equipment fall into this category. A damaging transient voltage can enter a residents or facility from several locations. The highest level of protection should be provided at the service entrance. A second level of protection should be provided at point of final connection, for example, Air Conditioning Condensers, Air Handlers, Furnaces, TVs, Computers, and at all sensitive equipment locations, accounting areas, and laboratories.

Other residential or facility entry points that should be protected include panels serving outdoor lights or outdoor equipment, such as motors. Protection should also be provided for critical areas with sensitive equipment essential to the owner.

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Get benefits by signing up for our maintenance program

  • Members 10% discount on other services
  • 24 hr club members response guarantee
  • Members 30% discount for additional systems
  • And much more!

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