• Discounts on repairs and new installs

• Add up to 2 pounds of freon annually if necessary

• 24 Hr. club members response guarantee

• Members 30% discount for additional systems

• 23 point inspection to keep your HVAC running perfectly and energy efficient

• Clean condenser coils (if accessible)

• Check duct work (if accessible)

• Check the evaporator coil (if accessible)

• Test starting capabilities

• Test safety controls

• Clean and adjust blower components

• Check all electrical connections

• Measure voltage and amperage capabilities

• Lubricate all moving parts

• Check for dangerous carbon monoxide problems

• Measure voltage and amperage capabilities

         • Lubricate all moving parts

        • Check for dangerous carbon monoxide problems

• Check all electrical connections
Heating  +
• Clean ignition assembly (if accessible)           

• Check heat exchanger

• Check burner assembly

• Check gas system pipe connections for leaks
Generator  +
• Inspect generator

• Install O. E. M. tune up kit (if available)

• Check belts

• Check hoses

• Follow all manufactures recommended maintenance to keep generator running perfectly

• Check / clean battery

• Adjust anti-freeze

• Inspect electrical connections

• Inspect for proper wiring

• Change oil  
Electrical  +
• Inspect panel

• Check for proper breaker size

• Tighten all loose panel connections

• Test for proper voltage

• Inspect grounding system

• Check for proper wire size

• Test GFCIs

• Test AFCIs

• Check for surge suppression

• Inspect system safety

•Test Smoke Detectors

• Check safety / security lighting

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Benefits of a Maintenance Membership


Automatic, periodic inspection, lubrication, adjustment and cleaning of you equipment keeps it running at peak, trouble free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause serious safety issues.


Competent, trained, dependable staff of experts will perform service on your equipment when necessary. Our Technicians are trained by the leading manufactures in the nation.


Should you need emergency service, our MAINTENANCE MEMBERSHIP customers are given PREFERRED treatment when a problem arises. EMERGENCY 24 HR. service plus other discounts.


Periodic maintenance assures all of your equipment to be operating safely and to manufactures specifications.


Our highly trained staff of experts know their business. Feel at ease that Dayton Electric Company, LLC has made major investments from training our personnel to providing the most comprehensive test equipment to provide our customers the most prompt and efficient service at a minimum cost.

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